ABC Fund invests EUR€800,000 into Ugandan coffee supplier JKCC

The Agri-Business Capital Fund (“ABC Fund”) has invested EUR€800,000 into JKCC General Supplies (“JKCC”), a Ugandan based coffee trader.

JKCC commenced its operations in 2017 and specializes in sourcing high-quality coffee beans directly from more than 3,700 smallholder farmers across 16 districts in Uganda. The farmers sell their produce to JKCC, which, in turn, distributes the products, particularly ground coffee, to the local market, including shops, and restaurants, primarily serving tourists, hotels, and local enterprises. In 2020, JKCC secured its coffee export license and initiated coffee processing. JKCC now exports to international markets and also produces roast and ground coffee under the brand name JK Coffee Roasters. The upward trajectory of JKCC’s growth is expected to continue in the short-to-medium term.

The investment into JKCC General Supplies follows two repeat investments from the ABC Fund. An investment of EUR€2 million has been made into UNACREP, a microfinance institution in Benin. Also, a further EUR€4 million has been invested into Anatrans, a cashew nut processor based in Burkina Faso.