Bamboo invests in companies that serve unreached or underserved low- to middle-income populations in developing countries. Bamboo specifically targets companies whose products, services or operations result in positive social and/or environmental changes, such as improvements in the quality of life or efficiencies that translate into increased income or reduced expenses for target populations. In addition, each Fund managed by Bamboo has its specific impact positioning and impact criteria.

So far, our investee companies have achieved:

26-Human Resources
Lives impacted
10-Human Resources
Jobs supported
17-Human Resources
Female jobs
patients served
metric tons of CO2
emissions avoided
student loans

Impact reports

Impact Report 2022

Impact Report 2021

Impact Report 2020

Impact management Process

Impact management is at the core of what we do and is deployed all along the lifecycle of our investments.  


Prior to investing in a company, we check that the potential investment is aligned with Bamboo’s impact thesis to serve low- and middle-income populations in emerging and frontier markets, and with the specific impact thesis of the Fund. We also ensure compliance with our exclusion list. During the due diligence phase, we conduct an ESG risk assessment and further analyses on the expected impact of the company. Where ESG-related risks cannot be mitigated to a satisfactory extent, the investment will not proceed. The analysis on the potential development impact of the investment (positive impact generated), as well as the ESG risk assessment (risk of negative impacts), are both discussed in the Investment Committee and form part of the investment decision.


Upon approval and during the discussion on the terms of the investments, we define with the investee company the selected impact indicators which will be reported and monitored during the holding period. If some significant ESG risks have been identified during the ESG due diligence, we may include conditions in the investment requesting an ESG risk mitigation strategy as a prerequisite for investment, and regular updates related to the ESG risk mitigation strategy and/or ESG Action Plan as a reporting requirement.

Holding period:

During the holding period, we monitor the impact data reported by our investee company at the agreed frequency, as well as information on specific ESG risks if any. As an equity investor, we purport to sit on the board of our investees, overseeing and contributing to social performance and impact issues alongside financial matters.


We seek to divest to trustworthy investors who will allow and enable the companies to pursue their missions and visions. We also aim for organized, simple, fair and transparent divestment processes.

Impact principles

Bamboo is a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management, a framework developed in collaboration with impact investing industry leaders and other stakeholders to ensure that impact considerations are integrated throughout the investment lifecycle. Our Impact Management System is aligned with these impact principles.

ESG Risk management

Throughout our portfolios, we aim to generate positive social & environmental impact while mitigating the risk of any negative impact. Each of our Funds under management monitors both positive impact and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks.

SDG contribution