Looking for funding?

Do you have a company that makes a positive impact on low-and middle-income communities?
Please learn more about receiving funding from Bamboo.

Fund targets

  • Companies that provide products and/or services affordably to underserved low- to middle income communities; 
  • Businesses with products and/or services that result in improvements in quality of life, or efficiencies that translate into increased income or reduced expenses;
  • Companies that generate employment in low- to middle-income countries;
  • Businesses that have demonstrated traction with a minimum viable product (MVP) in the market, primarily at seed;
  • Businesses with a local presence, the potential to expand to different markets and potentially to go global. 

Investment samples

Bamboo has a portfolio of investee companies that scale financial inclusion, access to clean energy, access to healthcare, access to education and agri-business. 

Investment process

Based on the long experience of the team in the investment space, the fund applies a through investment selection and analysis process. This process applies several steps. At each step, a dedicated team of experts will assess the status and will decide whether to proceed further or not. Throughout this process, Bamboo will make sure that the best possible support for the targeted company is developed, while optimising the level of information requests and minimising the disruption in the day-to-day activities of the team.

The steps of the assessment process include:

  1. Application: We encourage companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for funding to get in contact with us. Please verify whether the company meets the investment criteria of Bamboo. Then, the company can submit a pitch with the relevant information for an initial assessment of the opportunity, using the online forms provided on this website.
  2. Preliminary review: A dedicated Investment specialist will review the pitch and assess its fit into the Bamboo Investment Strategy. Interesting and qualified pitches will be assessed by the Investment Team. The team will get in contact with the company about the project and potentially request further information. Based on this review, Bamboo will decide on entering into a two-stage due diligence process.
  3. Pre-Due Diligence: Stage one is primarily based on a thorough desk research for the review of information.
  4. Due Diligence: Stage two will involve an on-site assessment and in-person interviews with key members of the board, management team, staff, other investors etc. During this two-stage due diligence process, Bamboo will also request support from its team of associated experts.
  5. Negotiations: Assuming a successful due diligence and a positive vote from the relevant internal committee, Bamboo will share a term sheet with you and start negotiating the details of a potential investment.
  6. Deal Executions: Once negotiations concluded with an agreement, the legal and contractual reviews, as well as the remaining conditions precedent are completed, Bamboo will be in the position to invest into the company.


Please be aware that the team of Bamboo will work with you during the whole assessment phase and will inform you in a transparent manner about the status of the process. Please note that no investment guarantee can be provided, independently form the detail of the information provided or the current commercial success of the project. The team of Bamboo cannot make any promise or commitment about an investment decision. Bamboo has established efficient processes and applies technology to streamline the process, however, no timeline about the length of the investment process can be guaranteed. At any stage, Bamboo will apply highest standards of confidentiality about all information shared and will also provide the relevant