Bamboo Capital Partners appointed as international fund manager by the Government of Haiti and the World Bank for USD$17 million energy access fund

Bamboo Capital Partners today announces that it has been selected by the Government of Haiti (‘Haiti’) and the World Bank as the international fund manager for the Off Grid Electricity Fund (‘OGEF’), a USD$17.22 million renewable energy access fund for Haiti. The objective of OGEF is to electrify 200,000 households in Haiti within the next 10 years. At present, less than one in three Haitian households have access to electricity, which is often unreliable. In rural areas, electrification rates are as low as 5%. The Fund has been set up by the Haitian Government, with support from the World Bank, to play a key role in transforming the underdeveloped, unreliable existing energy system centered on expensive fossil fuels, towards a modern and sustainable energy system with diversifying energy sources.