BBOXX and BEAM forge groundbreaking energy access partnership in Togo supplementing an agreement signed today by EDF

BEAM, the investment platform created by Bamboo Capital Partners, today announces a partnership with BBOXX to bring greater access to clean, reliable and affordable energy in Togo, powering economic growth and transforming lives. This partnership follows and supplements the agreement signed today by EDF, the world’s leading electricity company, and BBOXX, a next generation utility. Both companies will provide a reliable, affordable and CO2-free contribution to the Togo Government’s electrification programme, known as ‘CIZO’, which aims to supply over 500 000 households with solar home systems by 2030. As part of the partnership, BEAM will invest in BBOXX Togo, the local DESCO (Distributed Energy Service Company). The injection of capital will be used to finance and accelerate the growth of BBOXX Togo.