Martin Curwen

Martin Curwen had over 30 years of operational experience at the European Investment Bank. He was also Manager of Corporate Affairs for three years with overall responsibility for the EIB’s strategy and budget as well as the secretariats of the Bank’s various governing bodies (Management Committee, Audit Committee, Board of Directors and Board of Governors).

Subsequently, he was Manager of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Department and as such was closely involved in the negotiations of the Cotonou Agreement, signed in 2000, under which the Bank’s activities in the ACPs were radically changed with the creation of the Investment Facility (the IF), a revolving fund financed from the European Development Fund (EDF). Finally, he was Director-General of the Directorate for Operations outside the EU which covered all the Bank’s operations outside the EU including the immediate accession countries, namely the ACPs, Asia and Latin America, the Mediterranean and the Neighbourhood