Tech4good More than a trend

More than a trend, the future of investments for investors, entrepreneurs, and beneficiaries The sustainable finance professionals are often seen by traditional finance stakeholders as utopist dreamers that do not have enough means to change the world. It can indeed be idealistic, but it is useful to be reminded about the “drop in the ocean” […]

Bamboo Capital handed $40m fund management role targeting Madagascar electricity access

Impact investor Bamboo Capital Partners has been tapped up to manage a $40m renewable energy access fund by the Government of Madagascar and the World Bank. The Off-Grid Market Development Fund aims at increasing access to electricity in Madagascar via off-grid solar energy solutions, from solar lamps to entry-level Solar Home Systems (SHS). Read the […]

Private and institutional investors must step up in the race to achieve Agenda 2030

Founder and Managing Partner of Bamboo Capital Partners Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, and Christopher Hirst, CEO of Palladium: Make It Possible, share their perspective on the need to invest at scale for the #SDGs, how blended finance can be a solution, and the new strategic partnership between Bamboo and Palladium to help mobilize private capital for the #Agenda2030. Read the […]

Bamboo Capital founder on turning six impact funds into a $500m opportunity

What do you get when you combine four UN agencies, an international NGO, and an alliance of 30 African states? Bamboo Capital Partners’ founder Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, tells Geneva Solutions how he came up with the “crazy” idea to unite six SDG funds and create a $500m investment platform launched at Davos this year. Read […]

Fintech – Retard à l’allumage

C’est le paradoxe des fintechs ou des wealthtechs. Elles sont de plus en plus nombreuses, de mieux en mieux calibrées, et pourtant elles peinent encore à se frayer un chemin dans le secteur du wealth management. Spécialiste du genre, Kim-Andrée Potvin se penche ici sur ce problème récurrent.