Brazil plus


Brazil plus increases financial inclusion for small and medium companies underserved by banks or charged with high transaction costs.
In Brazil, according to the Brazilian Institute of Planning and Taxation (, there are more than 4 million SMEs, 6.7 million microenterprises and 3.4 million individuals acting as businesses, representing 15% of GDP and employing 60% of the workforce. These businesses and entrepreneurs have little or no access to bank financing and are assessed exorbitant fees and interest on the amounts that they can secure. Brazil Plus offers an alternative to banks and tailor-made just-in-time working capital financing solutions for small businesses.

Brazil plus structures and manages investment funds dedicated to the supply chain financing of business-to-business receivables in partnership with factoring services. The supply chain receivables are generated by Brazilian small and middle-market companies on goods sold to other Brazilian companies and are identified, credit reviewed, documented, processed and collected by Brazil Plus and the servicers with whom Brazil Plus has negotiated agreements. Brazil Plus provides the servicers with technology, processes, risk and portfolio management support.