To transform the lives of our clients and employees through financial inclusion, thus promoting the growth of Peru. Mibanco is the fifth largest bank nationwide, and the largest Microfinance bank by asset size in Latin America, regularly receiving awards for its performance, innovation and social performance measurement.

Created in 1998 by taking over the financial operations of the NGO Acción Comunitaria del Perú (APC), the Bank offers today both lending and savings products. In 2014, the NGO majority owner of Mibanco sold its 60.6% stake to Credicorp, the largest Peruvian financial holding, majority sha- reholder of the largest Peruvian bank (BCP), and of Edyficar, at that time the second largest MFI in the market after Mibanco. In Q1 2015, Mibanco merged with Edyficar.