The family doctor


To make good primary healthcare affordable and available to everyone. With 42 clinics targeting middle to low-income people, the family doctor is India’s largest network of primary care clinics. Each family doctor clinic offers experienced General Physicians and Specialists supported with quality Diagnostics and a fully equipped Procedures Room to facilitate ECG, Suturing, First aid, Injections, Stabilization, Short Stay observation and Emergency care including Oxygen, IV administration, and Nebulization. Almost half the clinics also have a pharmacy, adjacent to the clinic. The primary care market in India is hugely underserved. The family doctor serves patients from lower and middle-income segments where healthcare access is poor. The family doctor clinics are neighborhood clinics, committed to providing high quality cost-effective comprehensive healthcare services to all family members.

With India having the world’s largest diabetic population, the family doctor started the Speciality Diabetes Clinic in 2015 to educate diabetics on ongoing diabetic foot problems and diabetic retinopathy under the guidance of a Diabetologist. A dedicated Diabetes Counsellor and consulting Podiatrist and Endocrinologist provide complete diabetes management to patients.