Vision Banco


We are an inclusive bank, committed to contributing to economic development and the creation of employment opportunities and wealth creation to alleviate poverty. We offer sustainable financial solutions in every market in every region of the country designed to meet the aspirations of the majority of people, entrepreneurs, organizations, and communities.

Vision Banco is a solid and growing financial institution serving the financial needs of the micro, small and medium enterprises in Paraguay with a great variety of financial products. Operating as a regulated financial institution since 1992 and as a regulated bank since 2008, it is the fifth-largest bank in Paraguay and the top bank in the microfinance segment. Vision holds the largest financial distribution network in the country. Vision Banco has ratings from S&P (BB-/stable) and Feller-Rate (A+ and stable)

Paraguay faces high levels of poverty and inequality with one-third of its population living in poverty and one fifth in extreme poverty, this is the segment that Vision Banco targets.