Launch of the Solar Energy and Clean Cooking Fund – FESEC (Fonds d’Energie Solaire et de la Cuisson) in Burundi

On March 2023, the Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines (MINHEM) of the Republic of Burundi launched the Solar Energy Project in Rural Communities also called SOLEIL-NYAKIRIZA financed by the World Bank, with the aim of increasing the rate of access to electricity and to efficient and clean cooking solutions. One of the components of the SOLEIL-NYAKIRIZA project is the Solar Energy and Clean Cooking Fund (Fonds d’Energie Solaire et de Cuisson – FESEC) which is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular affordable access to clean energy and the fight against climate change. The main objective is to provide access to energy services for households and small businesses throughout the national territory of the Republic of Burundi by 2030.

This USD 17 million fund aims to reach 65,000 households with off-grid solar products and 300,000 households with improved stoves for efficient and clean cooking. Bamboo Capital Partners was appointed as the International Administrator-Manager of FESEC by MINHEM.