The ABC Funds invests USD$1 million in high impact ag-tech helping small scale farmers maximise profitability

The Agri-Business Capital Fund (‘ABC Fund’) has invested USD$1 million in Apollo Agriculture (‘Apollo’), a Kenyan ag-tech that uses machine learning and automated operations technology to help small-scale farmers access the resources they need to maximize their profitability.

  • Apollo Agriculture (‘Apollo’) is a Kenyan ag-tech that provides an optimized bundle for farmers that includes advice, insurance, farming products, and financing.
  • The investment will enable Apollo to reach more smallholder farmers who are unable to access microfinance and commercial bank lending.


Apollo has grown rapidly, nearly tripling its customer base over the last year, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through insights from interviews with over 240 Apollo farmers, 89% of farmers report productivity increases, and 71% of farmers say their productivity has “very much increased” since working with Apollo.