The Off Grid Electricity Fund invests a further USD$465,200 in Alina Eneji to increase access to reliable and affordable energy in rural Haiti

  • OGEF makes a further USD$465,200 investment to triple the size of Alina Eneji’s mesh grids to serve 1,000 households in rural Haiti using Okra Solar’s platform and equipment
  • This investment builds on the success of the first 325 households connected, with the aim to have a 1,000 household mesh grid in place by the end of 2022
  • Alina Eneji’s grid is delivering electricity 99% of the time


Port-au-Prince, 20 September 2022 – The Off Grid Electricity Fund (‘OGEF’ or ‘the Fund’), the renewable energy access fund for Haiti supported by the World Bank, announces it has provided a further USD$465,200 investment in form of debt financing and catalytic grants to enable Alina Eneji to further expand its mesh grid to the Marchand Dessalines area.

Mesh grids, where generation and consumption of electricity are co-located, are an alternative solution for rural areas in Haiti where conventional grids with centralised generation are not cost effective and could enable a rapid electrification of those rural areas. Alina Eneji believes there is potential for the company to grow rapidly to serve 100,000 households, making a significant impact on the lives of many Haitians currently suffering from inadequate access. Mesh grids can complement the Electricité d’Haïti (EDH) grid, accelerating the electrification of those areas, which currently cannot be reached by EDH over the next ten years.